Beyond IT Support offers reliable IT support services in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida and Georgia. We know that our clients are experts in their line of business, but don,t want the distraction of managing technology. This is where we step in. We take over your IT headaches to ensure your business runs smoothly. Beyond IT Support ensures that you get to focus on growing your business without worrying about server downtimes, data security, back-ups, etc. We give you network peace of mind.


With over 20 years in business, we offer state-of-the-art IT support and services that allow our clients to get ahead of the competition and drive revenues. With Beyond IT Support , you can forget about your IT worries and focus on your business.

Here are a few ways we work behind the scenes to make IT maintenance easy for you:

Keeping up with government regulations

No matter how big or small, irrespective of its industry vertical, every company has some regulatory requirements regarding electronic record keeping or security. Adhering to such IT regulations can be expensive and time consuming. They also require timely upgrades which can be overwhelming. We can take care of these upgrades and regulatory requirements so you can rest easier.

We take care of your IT system maintenance so you can invest where it really matters

Our experience tells us that most of our clients spend a majority of their IT budget on system maintenance and only a fragment on new technology. IT management is a hassle—especially when you have a business to run and clients to look after. Opting to outsource your IT requirements makes sense because it takes system maintenance off your shoulders.

No matter what your staff structure is, we can help

Whether you have seasonal staff, multiple offices and even staff working from home: we can ensure there,s transparency among your workforce. We keep everything running to ensure you maintain the collaboration tools you need to function in today,s business environment.



Cloud Computing

Beyond IT Support offers cloud computing services including disaster recovery, cloud storage and cloud monitoring services. Our cloud services allow you to scale up on-demand, keeping your business on top of the game. The cloud ensures accessibility with our 24/7 monitoring.


Cloud Hosting

We have what it takes to offer you robust cloud hosting services that focus on value, high security, 24/7 monitoring, multi-OS support and easy migration from other cloud platforms.


Cloud Storage

Beyond IT Support manages all of your cloud storage needs. End your concerns about storage capacity. Our cloud storage solutions let you grow without increasing your hardware/ software costs. We also offer a dedicated, private cloud solution to meet your data storage needs.


Backups and Recovery

Are you focusing on running your business or worrying about your data? Running a business is all about managing data effectively and using it to drive revenue. But, regular data backups can be a hassle. Beyond IT Support offers you backup services that are reliable and reasonably priced. Once you outsource your backup needs to us, you don,t have to worry about scheduling regular backups. No matter where your data is we can back it up for you to ensure it is secure and accessible at all times.


Data Recovery

Whether you have lost a file or an entire drive, Beyond IT Support can help. We have invested in state-of-the-art tools and partnerships. If a drive is recoverable, we can recover it otherwise you don,t pay us a cent.



No issue can threaten the stability of a smaller firm more than falling victim to a data breach or experiencing the theft of confidential customer information. We offer solutions that can protect you and your customers from malicious activity that could bring down your business. Smaller companies are more likely to be targets of hackers than larger firms, and less likely to survive it. We can address all areas of potential vulnerability for you.


IT Forensics

We are working with some of the top law firms in the country. Our Forensics team is able to help through the case, from discovery to trial.


Proactive IT Services

Are you still adopting the fire-fighting approach to your IT problems? When your business depends on your IT, you cannot afford to wait until a problem appears and then fix it. You need proactive IT services that identify problems before they disrupt your business. We monitor, manage and assess your IT performance 24/7. Whether it is preventive IT maintenance or timely backups and updates, we are there.


Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery

IT disasters are one of the top reasons small businesses fail. At Beyond IT Support , we work hard to protect your IT infrastructure and mission-critical applications. We offer remote backup and disaster recovery services to minimize downtime and data loss.


Data Security

You need to be safe from viruses, spam software, hackers and all the other threats to your data. Beyond IT Support can provide 24/7 monitoring, hosted firewalls, anti-spam software and other endpoint protections, as part of a complete personalized and comprehensive security plan to protect your organization.


Hardware Purchasing

Selecting hardware is NOT what made you successful. Beyond IT Support offers complete hardware purchasing services. We analyze your IT requirements and recommend the right fit for you, and handle purchase, setup and maintenance.


Email Archiving, Access and Recovery

Emails are legal documentation and a core business communications platform. We offer email archiving, access, and recovery services to protect your critical emails. With our email solutions, you will have timely, secure, encrypted access 24/7.


Hardware Purchasing

Selecting hardware is NOT what made you successful. Beyond IT Support offers complete hardware purchasing services. We analyze your IT requirements and recommend the right fit for you, and handle purchase, setup and maintenance.


Outsourced IT Support

Your core focus should be running your business, not worrying about your IT infrastructure. Things like data security, backups, server downtimes, application upgrades, etc., are critical to your business success, but hiring in-house IT department to handle these may not be cost effective. By outsourcing your IT support requirements to us, you get the benefit of having a dedicated IT team at your disposal to manage ALL your IT requirements 24/7, without the costs that come with maintaining an IT team in-house.


Network Support

Beyond IT Support offers complete network support to ensure you enjoy minimal downtime. We constantly monitor your network performance to identify latency and network connectivity issues before they can hurt your business operations.


Hosted Desktops

Beyond IT Support offers hosted desktop services. Our hosted desktop works the same as your traditional PC—only better, safer and faster. With our hosted desktop, you get 24/7 support as we are responsible for managing, monitoring and securing your hosted desktop. Opting for the hosted desktop over the traditional PC gives you the advantage of having anytime-anywhere access to your data. All you need is an Internet connection.


Voice Solutions

Beyond IT Support offers a comprehensive voice solution for businesses that includes implementation, maintenance and administration. We have all the resources and tools needed to implement, monitor and manage your voice communications infrastructure smoothly.


Application Development

What do you do when your business has unique software requirements? We have experienced developers ready to get your application developed professionally and delivered on time.




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